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The center of the screen, a large cape proudly jut into the sea. Along the beach, lined with white-washed houses is a lumpy as a rock. The central portion penetrated the Shigeru' Lin of the cape. Cape has led to the continent in front near view. Ground of the cape and the continent is covered in eerily ponderously dark red-brown soil.(Paintings for sale)
Ocean horizontal line is punch-through in a straight line from right to left, the entire surface is a vivid ultra-marine color. The color of the leaves of the forest in the center of the Cape also, the same ultra-marine and sea. The sky, of the tea-ish red of red clay of pale blue and the continent, have become mottled, et al.
It bright scenic Brittany, but is drawn to dark gloomy.
Landscape 1897 Shiodome Museum you're a person



Aurora - Artemisia Gentileschi

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