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  • About oil paintings

    Well, caravaggio's sense of stage and the glamour inspired many people. For example, when the Netherlands was independent, it was the Dutch golden age of the great monsters. There are monsters like Rembrandt and vermeer.

    (soft and wide. A personal autumn book, Rembrandt, 1642 (douban))

    Rembrandt is a collection of light, paint, and characters. Look at this picture, the light and shadow, the feeling of the stroke, the whole to the hair, the solid degree, the clothing material outline, the hair shaggy texture, is a whole?


    Vimel is a little crazy about the details. Pay attention to the image of the sunlight on the left of the face.


    Rembrandt's immersive light and caravaggio's wine cellars are all in the baroque. But who is the most baroque? Rubens. The goods were Belgian, but they had gone to Italy to learn the art, which was the grand master of the north and the south. So the paintings he painted, the colors of the north, and the bodies and composition of the south. He was the master of the scene, and the scene was magnificent. Delacroix said he was the Homer of the painters. Is he a baroque painter? Feel: power, color, composition, stage scene intensity.


    Baroque also had a grand master, velasquez of Spain. He is one of the best portraits of the past, but is often underestimated. He was the representative of the baroque style of elegance, but goya thought he was really cool... The latter.


    Well, it's time to go to France.

    First, there was a group of people in France who learned about caravaggio's occulte, and then the grand master, poussaint. This long working in Rome was a Roman painter.

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    He's classicist, especially regular, and it won't be too hot or too cold. People's looks are stable. Neither blue nor red is too much - blue and cold and warm. Of course, there are always fierce scenes in his paintings, but the general layout is stable and will not be messy.

    Look at his paintings. Everyone is in a stable and stable manner. Feel his warmth.

    We call him classical staid.