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  • Jacky Parker His petals will kiss the wind ...


    Bud wants to open
    He is all in anticipation
    He feels - a moment and everything is fine - fine, -
    He will become a flower
    Charmingly passionate
    Which is always a garden decoration ...
    Will be drawn to the sky
    His petals will kiss the wind
    And he, pouring nectar,
    Gently delay,
    At the very edge of magic and temptation ...

    Kitsune Miyato










     Vladimir Descent of the Sun


    Paul Cezanne Italian Earthenware

  • Tertius Alio The recipe for happiness!



    Cares - one faceted glass
    Fear - all to the last drop
    Laugh - one tablespoon, preferably with a slide
    Jealousy - put more, do not skimp
    Smile - from the heart
    Mistakes - do not forget even the most insignificant
    Fatigue is the last tear
    Envy - roll into a roll
    Love - without remnant
    Patience - who has enough
    Perseverance, irony and wisdom - to taste




    In a glass of worries add a spoonful of laughter, mix with persistence, rubbing into dust.
    From there, highlight the secret of success, to squeeze out fear from the heart.
    Then pride is extinguished by a smile and jealousy is milled into flour.
    In the palms of your hands, weigh all the errors, brush off the tears with your eyelashes.
    Stubbornness chalice boiled water, boil in broth envy rolls
    And this mixture is ironed with irony, to taste pour in wisdom advice.
    Cover with love, pour into victory. Tincture on patience insist.
    And every day on a spoon before lunch for the rest of your life to take.

    I guarantee success if you follow all the advice strictly.

    Your Veda

    Veda Cong










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    Author - Tertius Alio Saint Petersburg, Russia

  • Stravinsky's fountain in Paris.


    "... In the square, the mechanisms of Tingeli and other brightly colored sculptures become wet in the water of a fountain or an artificial lake,
    Sleepily clang the cog wheels ... "

    U. Eco. The Foucault pendulum. E. Kostyukovich.


    Fountain of Stravinsky (Fontaine Stravinski), also the Tongli Fountain, is set on Igor Stravinsky Square, near the Pompidou Center in 1983.
    It was created by a pair of Conceptual - Swiss architect Jean Tinguely, together with his wife, the French artist Niki de Saint Phalle, in 1982-83-is.
    Like the music of Stravinsky, the fountain is very extravagant. Bright colorful fairground clown-figure, wheel mechanisms and treble clef, from which streams of water hit, illustrate, according to the authors, the works of Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring", "Renard" and "Firebird". All the figures move and look alive against the background of the beating jets of the fountain.


    Named after Igor Stravinsky, the fountain consists of 16 sculptures (mobile) in motion, located throughout the fountain (1650 cm × 35 cm × 3600 cm).
    Tangly executed black wheel mechanisms from iron, and Saint-Fall created bright avant-garde figures from polystyrene.
    Figures play a performance for the best works of Stravinsky, in turn releasing trickles of water.
    Under the Stravinsky Square is the Center for Music Research IRCAM, created, as well as the Pompidou Center, by the architect Renzo Piano.


    Runaround mobiles perform intricate pas: spinning at a furious fuel hat clown acts peahen curious bird, rushing slain love heart, death looms over the empty eye sockets of the skull, and the treble clef beat time, conducting this extravaganza of music of the Russian composer.


    The performance is played in the fountain waters, undoubtedly inspired by the Basel carnival smite childhood imagination little Jean: clowns crowd wearing masks and costumes at dusk moved through the streets, beating drums and playing the flute, on the throne sat a figure with the head of a rhinoceros skull - phantoms that invaded everyday life from medieval history, fascinated the future sculptor.


    History of creation

    Once the French president Zhorzh Pompidu dream: "I want to be in Paris was built cultural center - at the same time a museum and a creative workshop where the plastic arts would be side by side with music, movies, books and audiovisual research ...".

    In 1969, an international competition was announced for the project of the largest cultural center in Europe. It was attended by architects from 49 countries, who presented 680 projects. The jury approved the joint project of the Italian Renzo Piano and the Englishman Richard Rogers. Construction lasted almost five years. The National Center for Art and Culture named after Georges Pompidou was inaugurated on January 31, 1977.

    By the way, Parisians are more likely to use the word "Beaubourg" - this is the name of the area adjacent to the Center.


    To the right of the main entrance to the center, behind the building, is Igor Stravinsky's fountain,
    The mechanical figures of which fully correspond to the spirit of Bobur.


    Pierre Boulez, who founded the IRCAM, was sure that the boring Stravinsky Square in front of the Pompidou Center will be able to revive only the sculptures of Tangli.
    Tangli agreed only with the condition that his friend Saint-Fall will also take part in the creation of the fountain.
    He believed that the bright sculptures of his wife, along with his black mobiles will be able to create a harmonious transition from the futuristic Pompidou Center building to the gloomy gothic building of the church of Saint-Merri.
    When creating the fountain, there were some technical problems associated with the location of the fountain. To reduce weight, the sculptures of Tangli were made of aluminum, and the figures of Saint-Fall are made of lightweight fiberglass and polyester. The height of the fountain was chosen as low as possible.
    Igor Stravinsky's music, closely connected with dance and Russian folk melodies and fairy tales, gave the artists themes for a vast thematic repertoire. The fountain resembles the pages of a children's book.
    The opening of Stravinsky's fountain took place on June 19, 1983, in honor of which festivals were organized in the Museum of Modern Art.

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    And this is the miracle of modern architecture, sculpture, creativity, and conceptualism in action