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And I can not buy happiness in the market ...

I'll go, I'll go for happiness to the bazaar,
And then to the supermarket for luck ...
And that from the fact that this is not a commodity ...
I will ask for more love - for surrender ...

And weigh me, please, gram one hundred
That conscience, that with the edge, the shelf below ...
Overdue? Well, all right, then.
I'll buy it in another stall ... And I see, I see:

For the action there is a discount for me.
Let's be kind enough ...
And do you have armor from evil people?
I'm sorry, what? Is it a pity to spend money on this?

And is there a remedy for pity from you?
Mixture from melancholy, syrup from boredom?
Sell ​​me another chance ...
And a strong tincture from separation ...
My family's cosiness is a bag,
To the highest grade, I do not need another ...
And the beauty of the one with the mark "SHOCK"
Tablets from an insincere look ...
A friendship like, per piece or weight,
Today you are graciously selling?
No, I will not buy it, but simply - interest.
What for so to live and whether there is a sense in calculation?

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Abandoned Ranch

I'll buy more health to my relatives
And I will give them to the birthdays ...
On sale - envy? Envy I do not like.
Sell ​​better a pound of patience ...

Do not need confidence ... Last time
I bought it in bulk, it will last me for a long time.
Sell ​​all the reserves of tears from your eyes,
My fate will be happy to pay you ...

What for? And that did not cry the soul
Those people who have a lot of light ...
After all, life is good then, and good,
When you sell no pain ...
No, I can not buy happiness in the market ...
But if we learn to share
Thus, happiness and love to give,
Then all bad things will evaporate ...
/ © Copyright: Irina Samarina-Labyrinth, 2010 /
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Shrinkage of the shovel of the fire "
The Rose: Josephine Wall.jpg The illustrations of Josephine Wall / Josephine Wall
Enchanted Worlds
Josephine Wall, 1947 - a modern British artist in the style of fantasy and sculptor. Born and lives in the UK. Born in May 1947 in the small English town of Farnham (Surrey, United Kingdom) in the family of a professor of philology. Painting entered her life early, from the age of four, the girl's favorite pastime was drawing. Parents supported the girl's passion for painting, which she started to do professionally early. Already at the age of 16, Josephine sold her first painting.
Art education Wall got in Bournemouth College, which graduated in 1967. Even during her studies she began to exhibit her works (mostly landscapes) in local galleries. Her first works, which appeared on the exhibition in London in 1968, attracted the attention of the public with the peculiarity of plasticity and the brightness of colors, and after all these were only small butterflies and dragonflies.
After graduating from college, the young artist tried her hand at design, painting clothes and shoes, creating colorful stained glass and painting on glass. In addition, Josephine Wall created pottery, designed and painted ceramics, created small sculptural compositions with mythological creatures, animals and insects, and created her own clothing line. Her works were successfully exhibited in England, and in 1974 were exhibited at exhibitions in Tokyo and Tehran. The following year, Josefina Wall held the first solo exhibition in Swindon. Soon the artist's exhibitions began to be held regularly, and the publishing houses began to conclude contracts with Josephine for the reproduction of her paintings and the publication of albums.
Josefina Wall's paintings are exhibited at the annual exhibition in London held by the Society for the Art of Imagination, in which it consists, as well as in galleries throughout the south of England from Cornwall to Kent. The works of Josephine Wall have become very popular in the US, Europe, and Russia. In recent years, reproductions of the artist's paintings have been issued on postcards in several countries: for example, in Russia, Art-Design has produced a series of postcards under the general title "The Enchanted Worlds of Josephine Wall."
The artist figuratively shares her paintings for several cycles ("worlds"): "Air and Water", "Fairies", "Goddesses", "Surrealism" / "Surreal" , "Last Update" / "Latest Retease's". In addition, she created an interesting series of "Signs of the Zodiac" / "Zodiac". All the pictures of the artist on her website accompanied by very imaginative descriptions.
Josephine Wall works mostly with acrylic paints, which allow her to draw quickly and create different color and texture effects. One picture takes an average of 2-4 weeks, depending on the size and subject of drawing. Her favorite combination is a mixture of ultramarine and burnt umber. The artist never uses pencils, does not draw sketches. In most cases, the artist draws inspiration from nature, whose violent defender she is. Also themes for the artist's paintings are often mythological stories, legends, stories

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