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Appreciate your life every moment

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Appreciate your life every moment.

Appreciate your life every moment.

Do not grieve sadly.

Read the best of the books,

Seek the truth of the spring:

because this day is not a draft:

do not cross out what happened.

Do not lose the right hour

and do not let laziness knit

with your lack of will

and cloud the clarity of the eyes,

so that in the heart of a light faded away

under storms of doubt ...

Love - I burn in spite of:

and in the coldness the comforts of the old people will be warmed,

and the wave of the river will rustle ...

The magic power of a hand stretched to someone is magical!

Seek joy in vanity, share goodness with the cup.

Hurry to a little dream!

Count the stars in the dark!

And as an artist on canvas - draw your happi Vladimir Kush art paintings for sale


Keep the heart from offense - let them fly away as a bird!

Try to change something,

Forgive, comprehend and love.

And this night to worship with a lunar round-headed! ..

Start with a genuine chapter.

On the wounds - plantain!

H listen to the people's rumor,

and do not bow your head:

The book is your life,

and you are a writer and an artist ...

Alena Vasilchenko.

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