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Simon Soloveichik

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About stupid things

Pushkin's sermons
About stupid things

 Simon Soloveichik
Among the women whom Pushkin loved, not many loved him the way Anna Nikolaevna Vulf, the daughter of a neighbor-landowner, the poet's peer. Her kind, gentle letters to the poet and several very confidential letters of Pushkin to her have survived.

 In the summer of 1825 Anna Nikolayevna lived in Riga, and Pushkin was in exile, in the village of Mikhailovskoye, not far from Pskov. And here in one of the letters to Anna Nikolaevna he confesses to her - no, not in love. He confesses that he has done a lot of stupid things. And he writes:

"I have done so much foolishness that I have no strength."

Each of us divides people into clever and stupid people, this can not be avoided. Maybe we are right, maybe not right, but this is the person: we constantly evaluate the minds of those who surround us. We respect the wise, the stupid (in our opinion) do not appreciate, and even despise. And some have such self-conceit that they consider themselves smarter than everyone else. Usually they are stupid - unbearable.

Such people are also usually despised. Really smart people never think of themselves, that they are smarter than everyone else.

But today we are talking about something else: today we are talking about the fact that clever people, even geniuses, sometimes commit stupid things in which they have to repent deeply.

What exactly does Pushkin repent of in his letter, what does he grieve about, we do not know, and this is not our business. Let's note another: having done stupid things, a person is able to honestly assess them, recognize it for stupidity, repent, reproach themselves, without waiting for reproaches from others.

This is one of the most important spiritual qualities of a person - the ability to deep repentance, the ability to feel and admit one's guilt to someone. Impossible task: to live absolutely right, not to be guilty of anything. This does not happen. Usually not guilty people simply do not notice their bad deeds, they look at the world with clear eyes and consider themselves, if not smarter than everyone else, better than everyone else. They notice the stupidity of others, and behind themselves - no, no, they are always clean as a glass.

What makes a person commit stupid things? Most often his passions, his wild desires, his hot soul. A living person is a passionate person, and passions do not always obey the mind. But with whom would you like to live side by side - with a dispassionate person who has everything calculated, which does everything right and is not c Dan Witz art

apable of a living feeling, because he is afraid of doing something stupid?

Or with a man alive, hot, passionate, capable of greatly mistaken - but capable and repentant?


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