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  • artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882

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    artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882)

    Roman Widow

    A Christmas Carol, 1867

    Lady Lilith, 1868

    Monna Vanna, 1866

    Veronica Veronese, 1872

    Blanzifiore (Snowdrops)

    Ramoscello, 1865

    A Vision of Fiammetta

    Lucrezia Borgia


    The Day Dream

    Monna pomona

    The Pia of Tolomei, 1868-1880

    The Garland, 1871-1874

    Aurelia, 1879

    The beautiful Hand, 1874-1875

    Bocca Baciata, 1859

    Sibylla Palmifera

    A Sea Spell


    The Loving Cup

    Venus Verticordia

    La Donna


    My Lady Greensleeves

    Penelope, 1869

    Dante Gabriel Rossetti - English painter, painter. He was born on May 12, 1828, he died on April 9, 1882. Creativity of this author really had a great influence on English artists and painters of other countries of the XIX-XX centuries. His unusual manner of painting tried to imitate many artists and even called it in his own way, as the "Tradition of Rossetti," the style of painting in a similar manner is called Rossetism.

    Besides the fact that he painted wonderful paintings, Dante Rossetti was a poet and translator. His first poem "Heavenly Friend" he published in 1850. Rossetti was a fan of the work of Edgar Poe, so many of his poems and paintings are based on the influence of this mystical writer.

    His first painting, which saw the light and struck many spectators, was the "Childhood of the Virgin Mary", exhibited in 1849. After he met his like-minded artists, artists William Holman Hunt and JE Millet, together they founded the notorious Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

    Researchers of the creativity of this artist, say that the huge influence on his whole art was influenced by the suicide of his wife, the poetess Elizbeth Siddal. While Elizabeth was ill she was sick with tuberculosis and suffered a lot, eventually she ended her life by suicide using a large portion of opium. Dante Gabriel Rossetti made a lot of sketches and portraits of his wife and after her death they were the basis for depicting women. Most of the women in his paintings are his dead wife. In the following years he became simply obsessed with Elizabeth and devoted her a huge number of paintings.

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  • How beautiful this world is ...

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    How beautiful this world is ...

    How beautiful this world is ...

    What kind of world is he around us? Diverse, beautiful and amazing. It has so many incredible colors that we can only look and enjoy all the beauty that it gives. But, also, we must not forget that it must be preserved, not desecrated, not trampled and not depreciated. What nature gives us, we must cherish and respect everything.

    How beautiful this world is!
    The heart froze in languor,
    Here around the life of the feast,
    Only the deserts in the half-light ...

    The violence of colors amazes,
    Grasses beckon into their bosom,
    Birds compliment us with a rumor,
    The wind blows favorably.
    Morning, evening, day and night,
    They circle in eternal dance,
    Even hundreds of thousands of stars,
    They repeat it in the sky.

    From dawn to dusk
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    Hardly anyone foresees.
    How beautiful this world is!
    The heart froze in languor,
    Here around the life of the feast,
    Only the desert in the half-moon.

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